No matter what your transport requirements are, we have a list of services for all our clients. Our services range by amenities we offer for our clients and the use of our vehicles. Teslasine has a list of service offerings to better serve you. We go over and above to ensure every experience is a perfect one. Teslasine will accommodate to your needs to ensure a 5-Star experience every time. Some of the things we offer are champagne, phone chargers, umbrellas and much more. Services we offer include:

Pick Up & Drop Off 5 out of 5 stars

This service is when Teslasine picks you up from your location and drops you to your destination. This service is a luxurious commute to your destination while emitting zero pollution to the environment. It’s the environmentally conscious decision to sustain our planet for the future. You can arrive to your destination on time because Teslasine’s Pick Up and Drop Off service is the most reliable. Schedule your ride 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.

Airport Commute 5 out of 5 stars

Teslasine will pick you up after your flight from the airport or from your home/work to your flight. We assist you by loading your luggage in and out the vehicle, for a hassle-free ride. Flying can be stressful so let Teslasine help you by taking care of the commute and baggage with no time delays. Our service is timely and efficient to ensure you arrive on time for your flight. For any special requirements for airport commuting please call (416)-389-4321 and we will surely assist with any request.

Special Events 5 out of 5 stars

Teslasine is the most elegant service for all special occasions including weddings, proms, galas and banquet events. Teslasine is available to assist our clients by transporting you to and from your event. Teslas are the most stylish vehicles available. Stand out by having Teslasine transport the special guests for your event or yourself to your special occasion. Give us a call (416)-389-4321 to ensure availability to ensure availability and to reserve any specialty requirements.

VIP/Executive Service

This is the most prestige service available. For clients of high class or high status. This service is a presidential service which will leave the passenger at complete ease and amazement. It’s our 5 diamond standard we follow that will give the passenger a feeling of luxury, security and dependability.

Our passengers’ privacy is a significant part of this service. Confidentiality will not be compromised because of our darker privacy tints. This service is used by a lot by CEO’s, actors, artists, government parties and the list goes on. Teslasine will do everything we can to accommodate our passengers, such as call to confirm scheduling and provide amenities to suit your requests at that time.

Call (416)-389-4321 for more details on how Teslasine can surpass your requirements.


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